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Children need specialized care because their mouths and teeth are constantly changing and growing. When a child is young, their teeth and mouth development first begin to develop before birth. It is recommended that a baby see a pediatric dentist in Cedar Falls around the age of six months or at the eruption of their first tooth, whichever occurs first. The first visit is usually quick, and nothing painful will be experienced. The pediatric dentist in Cedar Falls will evaluate the child’s teeth to check for any potential issues that may be present and how the baby’s mouth is developing. Then an oral hygiene evaluation is performed, including checking the infant for any signs of malocclusion. Any preventative treatments, such as fluoride varnishes or sealants, may be recommended depending on the results of the initial checkup and the health and nutrition of the child.

Early Detection of Oral Health Problems With the Dentist in Cedar Falls

At subsequent appointments, the pediatric dentist in Cedar Falls will continue to monitor the development of the baby’s mouth and may perform more evaluations and treatments if needed. For example, if the dentist in Cedar Falls detects that the child has a crossbite or other misalignment issues, they may recommend orthodontic treatment to prevent the condition from worsening over time. If the child has bruxism, also known as grinding of the teeth while sleeping, appliances can be used to help correct the condition or prevent it from occurring at all.

If your child is overdue for their six-month appointment, call our dental office today to schedule an appointment with an experienced and caring dentist in Cedar Falls who can give your child the best care possible.

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