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10 Years of Making Trips to the Dentist Fun!

Dr. Jo and His Team Helped Ease My Anxiety!

Dr. Jo and the Team are Great!

A comfortable Experience at Only Kids!

Emira M

My son had to have some dental work done. The nurse and Dentist were more then amazing with him- talking him through every step! All 3 of my kids go here and we are beyond happy! With these unprecedented times I can’t help but be thankful for a dentist who takes patient safety as their top priority! Thank you for all you do!

Nicole S

Today my 2 year old son had an appointment for the first time and the experience was amazing. The Dentist did a Great job, I told him about my son having Autism and my son not liking to be touched, especially if he didn't know the person. When my son got in the room he started crying, but the dentist sang to him and my son let the dentist finish his work. Love this place, I highly recommended.

Kristen M

I have consistently loved Dr. Chowdury as my children's pediatric dentist. They have been going there for nearly 7 years. His staff is friendly and keep the kids engaged in the process. His approach keeps the kids from fearing or feeling negative about going to the dentist. He had to complete some extensive work for my daughter due to acid reflux and she was put under at a young age. His whole team was great through that whole process. My son is a diverse learner and they are amazing with him. Both of my kids get excited to go here every time!

Luke W

Had a great first visit with Dr Jyoti and the team at Only Kids. Atmosphere and staff were relaxed, caring, organized and helpful. Dr Jo was very friendly, and took time with each of our 3 kids. Our eldest has had dental issues in the past and the dentist was very understanding and accommodating. Would definitely recommend them.

Guo I

Our two kids have been visiting Only Kids Dentistry since we moved here two years ago. Dr. Chowdhury is very professional, and treats my kids very nicely, and he always remembers his patients names!! The staff there are very kind and patient with kids, using kid language and making them smile. I am 100% satisfied with their service. Give them thumbs up!

Tabitha R

He is an amazing! My 2 year old was having a lot of pain in his tooth. I came to Dr. Chowdhury for a second opinion. He got me in the next day, said the only thing to do is fix it and it needed done quick! This was a Thursday and my son was scheduled to get work done under anesthesia on that Monday! He was very good and patient with my son! He said no matter what time of the day it is, call if I have any concerns! His staff are all very kind and friendly!

Kesha B

Hardly any wait time after check-in, which is super awesome. Staff is helpful and organized and Dr. Chowdhury is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He communicates well with parents and makes our three children feel at ease at each appointment. Highly recommend!

Amber R

Dr. Chowdury is amazing. We’ve seen different dentists, including a pediatric dentist, that were less than mediocre. Dr. Chowdury has been trying to build my childrens trust back up. Where else would you find someone so compassionate? He truly cares about his patients. He’s kind and gentle. He’s the best dentist I’ve encountered in my 32 years of life. My daughter needed dental surgery, which is terrifying. He made sure to explain things thoroughly before the procedure and in great detail after. This meant so much to us. He truly cares!

Annie H

Year after year Dr. Chawdhury and his staff take the very best care of my kids and their dental health. Kind, compassionate, trustworthy, and so kid friendly!

Kelly L

Excellent Experience at Only Kid's Dentistry. Dr Chowdhury takes the time to remember his patients and fully explain everything to parents. The staff is also very kind, patient and accommodating. Definitely a great experience for kids!

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