Welcome to Only Kids Dentistry, The Most Trusted Pediatric Dental Office in Waterloo and Cedar Valley!

At Only Kids Dentistry, we place a great emphasis on nurturing Waterloo’s younger patients toward healthy oral care habits. While a typical dentist will often extend their generic services to children and teens alike, your child’s smile is best positioned for success under the tutelage of a pediatric dentist! We have a second convenient location in Waverly, IA. Call in and book at the location that meets your family’s needs!

Headed by Dr. Jyoti Chowdhury, our knowledgeable team is devoted to providing developing smiles all the care they’re entitled to until adulthood. This is possible through an impressive array of services; ranging from a child’s first appointment, to sealant and fillings, Invisalign for teens, common cavity fillings and so much more.

When you’re ready, give our office a call or click the button to request an appointment above, and begin the process of giving your child the professional guidance their precious smiles deserve.



Our Pediatric Dental Advantage

Tailored For Developing Smiles

Excellent service is not something only adults are entitled too! Our younger patients, including their parents, are always satisfied by the comforting, nurturing, and knowledgable approach our team takes when handling their delicate smiles and mindsets. Remember, starting your child on a positive oral health journey as early as possible is one of the best assets you can grant them!

Personalized For Every Child

With a sole focus on serving younger smiles, our patients receive top quality care that’s completely personalized to their stage of oral development. Serving infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers alike, our professionals ensure every child receives a positive experience. As our office is equipped to serve special needs patients, frequently streams popular Disney plus movies and shows, and so much more- we guarantee they’ll look forward to their next visit!

Flexible and Reliable Scheduling

Raising children doesn’t usually come with a lot of spare time. To alleviate this, we offer flexible scheduling and often ensure you’ll be able to bring multiple children in for back to back appointments. And if your teen has an accident playing football, or child chips a tooth in the playground, be sure to contact us immediately! As we’ll squeeze them in and handle their situation ASAP! Our Office is not authorized to accept MCNA insurance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Exceptionally high standards of dentistry


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