Meet Us

A Proud Member of the Community

Family lying down in a field with a red house in the backgroundThe team behind Only Kids Dentistry is keen on not only providing children with quality dental care and guidance but also contributing to the livelihood of children throughout Waterloo and its surrounding areas. That’s why we’re proud to be a longstanding sponsor of the American Cancer Society and the North East Iowa Foodbank. Our contributions to these amazing causes help us carry out our mission to nurture and assist children beyond only the confides of our dental office.

Making Parents Proud

Man holding his daughterWhile we may only be positioned to provide your child with crucial dental services, we can assure you that every parent will be well involved in every single step of the way. Whether your child comes in for a light hearted routine cleaning, or is in need of oral surgery- worry not, for they’re in the best hands in North Eastern Iowa. We welcome parents to always be part of the process, and keep them up to date on everything regarding their child’s visit with us. Both you and your child will be of sound mind while under our care!

Always Growing

Dental staff member and child in a dental chair giving a thumbs upOur team loves taking on new patients. Our duty is to service developing smiles while instilling them with the adequate oral care habits they need to live a happy and healthy life once they cross into adulthood. If your child is under the age of 19, we’d love to get to meet them. Be sure to contact our office directly, as our happy team is always willing to answer any thought, question, or concern you may have. We consistently go above and beyond to make sure your child gets the care they need.